Types of Fraud in California

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Fraud costs hundreds of millions of dollars every year and affects millions of people. In fact, many Los Angeles residents are the victims of fraud — sometimes unknowingly. In legal terms, fraud is a false representation of a matter of fact that is made for personal gain. This misrepresentation can be through words, actions, false or misleading allegations, or even concealment of what should have been disclosed. In other words, fraud is dishonesty calculated for advantage to the perpetrator and harm to you, the victim.
Under California law, there are three different types of fraud and an experienced business fraud attorney in Los Angeles can go over them and how each might apply to your fraud case in greater depth. After all, if you are the victim of fraud, California law is on your side and you might be able to seek financial recovery. In the meantime, read on for the 3 types of fraud many Southern Californians fall victim to every day… 

  1. Deceit – the willful deception of another with the intent to induce the other to alter his or her position to his or her injury.
  2. Actual fraud – an act committed by a party to a contract with the intent to deceive the other party in order to induce that party to enter into the contract by the suggestion or assertion of a fact that is known or should have been known to be untrue. It can also involve the suppression of a true fact by one who is bound to disclose it, or a promise made without any intention of performing it.
  3. Constructive fraud – any breach of duty in which one person gains an advantage over another by misleading statements or actions, even if actual fraud is not intended.

Do you believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of any of these kinds of fraudulent behavior? Perhaps it was your insurance company or favorite retail store or business partner that de-frauded you. Either way, it is against the law. Talk to an experienced fraud attorney in Los Angeles about your legal rights today.
If you or a loved one have been the victim of fraud, there is legal help. Contact an experienced Los Angeles fraud lawyer today. You might be able to recover money for your injuries, including compensatory damages. The law is on your side and so are the experienced lawyers at The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, MD, Esq.

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