What to Do When You Get in a Car Accident with a Deer

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Many Los Angelenos may think the chances of getting into a car accident with a large animal, such as a deer, is unlikely, but you’d be surprised. In recent years, there have been hundred of these reported accidents across the U.S. (yes, even in California), most of them involving the fatality of the driver and/or the horse.  One of the most incredible stories involving an automobile and a large animal may be the Colorado school bus driver that hit and killed a horse then continued on to school, leaving the dead horse in the road for a second driver to hit it, flip, and get seriously injured.

Many of auto accidents involving deer and other large animals happen at night and generally when the animal runs out into the road without warning.  And more often that not, it is the animal that causes the damage to the vehicles and/or the drivers that seek to avoid them.  So what’s a cautious, but unfortunate driver to do? Especially when driving in Malibu, and other mountain towns where deer call home.


While the animal doesn’t have the money to pay for the damages and injuries that you and your car sustained, someone will likely be held responsible if you take action by contacting an experienced car accident lawyer and report the accident.  For example, the responsible party may be the animal’s owner, the party negligent in taking care of the animal or its safekeeping, or if the animal has been abandoned or neglected, your auto insurance company and/or a government agency where the incident took place.

The frequency of these collisions has become significant enough that almost every state has addressed this issue by statute or case law.  Read about equine activity laws in the state where your incident took place and see if there is a statute or case precedence that supports or prevents liability.  In California, the animal’s owner was held criminally liable, while in Nebraska, the owner was found not liable.

If you hit a horse or other large animal, don’t leave it in the road!  Call the authorities to report the incident. Once you and/or your loved ones have received the appropriate medical care, reach out to an aggressive car accident lawyer in Los Angeles who will work with you to help you recover the  financial damages you rightfully deserve.

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