What To Expect from Your Attorney During a Lawsuit

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Sometimes, plaintiffs in a personal injury case (the individuals bringing the lawsuit) can be their own worst enemy in terms of a successful financial recovery. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can be your guide through the process and offer wise advice on how to avoid sabotaging your own case and securing the compensation you are owed.


How Often Do I Need to Communicate with My Personal Injury Lawyer?
Communication with your personal injury lawyer is critical throughout the case and therefore, you can expect your attorney to communicate with you frequently. Do not hesitate to reach out when questions come up on your end. Before starting the attorney-client relationship, you will have an initial consultation and at that time, your lawyer will likely walk you through what you can expect throughout the lawsuit. Additionally, he will provide you with status updates throughout the process of your claim. It is important to keep your appointments and listen to your lawyer’s advice.

Furthermore, you will likely be under close scrutiny by insurance company investigators during this time. Expect that both your insurance company and the at-fault driver’s insurance company will conduct surveillance and hire investigators to take photos and videos of you at some time during your case. Rarely does a judge or jury understand when an auto accident victim denies something, that is later caught on surveillance video. It is probably wise to avoid  social media activity during your California lawsuit.


Do I Need to Inform My Attorney of Any Significant Changes?
If you’ve had major life changes, let your lawyer know. If you’ve started a new job, filed for divorce, had another child or won the lottery, your lawyer needs to know. The smallest things can affect your case and major changes in your life can impact potential settlement chances. To ensure maximum financial recovery, keep your lawyer abreast of your personal and professional life decisions. Likewise, your lawyer will inform you of major events impacting your case.

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