When A West LA Car Accident Turns into Road Rage

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Many of us do not like to make a big deal of things, such as a car accident or bar fight. However, these personal injuries can be serious and involve much more financial and physical consequences than you first believe. In West Los Angeles, for example, auto accidents happen regularly, especially as drivers are waiting in traffic to get on the 405. Motorcyclists, truck drivers, buses, and regular drivers sit through many red lights before they actually have the chance to enter the freeway. In this time, people’s frustrations can often get the best of them, leading to potentially serious and life-threating encounters, such as fender benders and fist fights.

Road rage is a fact of life on Southern California roadways. Ask any driver commuting in West LA traffic and he or she can tell you stories of anger, frustration, and sometimes, physical injuries.  However, it is when a simple drive home from work turns ugly that you need the help of an experienced West LA personal injury lawyer.

Sometimes, the injuries one receives as a result of a West LA car accident or road rage are not apparent at first glance. You or a loved one might be involved in a West LA motorcycle / car accident, but because you are not bleeding, think you made it out without being harmed. Hopefully, you are right. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Physical injuries as a result of auto accidents, especially motorcycle accidents, have a tendency to sneak up on you. One minute you can feel fine, the next your head is throbbing in pain and you can’t see straight. Not to alarm you, but traumatic brain injuries are known to sneak up on accident victims and not become obvious until hours, sometimes days, after the West LA accident.

This is when you need someone on your side who understands the law and your body. At The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., the principal attorney has the additional expertise of being a licensed medical doctor and surgeon.  Your accident injuries may very well require multiple surgeries, physical and psychological therapy, rehabilitative care, and a number of other medical treatments and it is essential that your attorney is knowledgeable in medical practice and procedure.

If you were involved in a West LA car accident or road rage incident that turned ugly, contact an experienced West LA car accident lawyer today. Many So Cal car accidents turn into fist fights when the driver who hits you cannot control his or her anger or frustration at the situation and takes it out on your or a loved one. Remember, California law protects you against such reckless individuals. A skilled doctor-turned-lawyer will be able to fight for your legal rights.

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