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In this matter, BIKLAW represented one of three founders of a startup energy company with zero profits and zero revenues, only a $300,000 series A financing round. The claim was that one of the co-founders diverted corporate opportunities and assets from the startup to his own company, and thereby destroyed any chance the startup had of succeeding. The defendant’s expert was prepared to testify that the company had zero profits and therefore was worth zero. The Defendants in the case attempted to extend the trial date three times in the last two months as well as transfer it to San Francisco twice, but BIKLAW prevailed on all motions. The Defendants also produced zero documents in the litigation and completely stonewalled the plaintiff in every other regard, but BIKLAW kept their feet to the fire at all times, even foregoing taking key depositions to keep our trial date. Two days prior to trial, the Defendants offered $150,000 firm, but knowing that BIKLAW was ready and willing to try the case, they increased their offer by threefold on the day of trial.

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