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Are you a East LA truck driver or sales rep?  Do you spend countless hours on the road for your job, sitting in traffic and stressed, watching car accidents happen around you? Or worse (yes, it can get worse), were you injured in a car accident in Los Angeles while driving for your job?  While you might be suffering physically and financially, know that you are not alone. In fact, the Los Angeles Times recently reported on a study that showed that sales reps and truck drivers have very dangerous jobs. Los Angeles workers comp lawyers know from experience that auto accidents involving employees on the job are not unusual. Experienced workplace injury attorneys in Los Angeles have seen first-hand the devastating impact of on-the-job accidents in California, whether they occur at the workplace or on the road.

According to the study, work injuries involving car accidents make up 39% of annual job-related fatalities, with 21% of those job-related deaths taking place on highways. With traffic and road rage being a huge issue on the 5, 101 and 134, many Los Angeles drivers might not be surprised with these statistics. The experienced lawyers at BIK Law handle Los Angeles workers’ compensation benefits claims on a regular basis. Partner Bradley I. Kramer, MD. Esq. urges East LA employees who drive as part of their jobs to take extra precautions when they’re working behind the wheel.

You might be surprised to learn that you could potentially recover money from your employer if you are injured in a car accident while driving for work-related reasons. Similar to a workers comp claim for being injured at your place of work, Los Angeles employees who drive as a part of their job might be able to claim workers comp benefits for injured suffered behind the wheel of their car.

As a doctor-turned-lawyer, Bradley I. Kramer understands the physical injuries that you might suffer as a result of your workplace comp claim. Additionally, he knows the law and will do his best to fight for your rights. Bradley suggests that LA employees such as truck drivers, construction workers, farmhands, factory employees and salespeople make sure they are driving a safe vehicle.  While it may be the responsibility of your employer to make sure that your company car is safe to drive, you should also have your company vehicle inspected regularly and make sure it is properly maintained.

The best case scenario for every Los Angeles employee is to make sure, before heading out on the road for work, that they prepared for long hours of driving. This means that tired truckers might want to wait until they are rested before heading out on the open road and that salespeople should be sure to catch up with clients and colleagues before getting behind the wheel so they do not need to text or email while driving (which is also against the law in California!).

If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job in Southern California, whether it is on the road or at your place of work, know that California law and the experienced legal team at BIK Law are are on your side. You might need a skilled LA workers comp lawyer to help you recover financially for your medical bills, lost work hours, etc… as East LA workplace accidents can lead to complicated worker injury claims, particularly if the accident occurs on the road.  Bradley I. Kramer and his team believe that if you are not responsible for causing the accident, you should not have to pay for it.

If you have suffered a workplace injury in the Greater Los Angeles area —whether it be a big rig accident brain or spinal injury, a sales rep passenger car rear-ender whiplash, or internal organ damage from a delivery van crash or a warehouse forklift spinal cord injury — contact the experienced lawyers at the Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer today.

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